Career Workshops

Academic history departments have been helping students answer the question “What would I do with a History major?” for generations. Studies show that history majors contribute in significant ways to our society, whether as business owners, journalists, teachers, lawyers, librarians, administrators, and in many more occupations. However, as enrollments in humanities majors continue to decline, history departments may struggle to clearly address their students’ (and parents’) concerns.

As someone who has worked in Corporate America and as university faculty, I speak the language of both worlds. In my career workshops, I meet directly with students and help them translate what they learn in the classroom to the technical requirements of a job ad. History majors fulfill the qualifications for a wide range of career options – they just cannot always see it that way. By matching up their skills and achievements with what employers are looking for today, I show students how to present their education in a marketable way.

Furthermore, I discuss career options and graduate school myths vs. realities with students in these workshops. We talk about using personal networks to investigate careers, exploring all kinds of graduate school possibilities, and setting up LinkedIn. For academic departments that do not necessarily feel comfortable broaching the technical aspects of these conversations, I can help set your students at ease and assist them in devising concrete plans for entering the job market with confidence.

Please contact me to set up a consultation phone call. Workshops can be tailored to suit the particular needs of your department.

Upcoming and recent workshops include: Youngstown State University; Ohio Wesleyan University; Capital University